The Razer Experience Tour

Razer understands the power in creating an immersive product experience to drive consumer loyalty and sales. For two consecutive years, we’ve hit the road with this forward-thinking brand to introduce it to prospective buyers and connect it with existing customers.

A tech-savvy tour

Razer products are top-of-the-line, so we custom built a 25-foot self-powered and climate-controlled trailer to showcase them to the world. With computer stations inside for product demos, a photo booth and virtual reality, we routed a national tour through music festivals, comic cons, colleges and retail events over the course of 12 weeks. At each event, we showcased products for music, gaming, videos and general computer performance, allowing us to identify consumer passion points and cater future demonstrations. Throughout the tour, we amplified Razer’s social media by incorporating a branded sweepstakes tent and photo booth, encouraging consumers to spread the word using #razertour.

Putting up numbers

Razer set up shop at 42 events across the country, earning over 100,000 event site impressions and 1,800,000 road impressions. Exact sales numbers are proprietary to Razer.

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product demonstrations
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