2020 Ex Awards Silver Winner

Mobile Selling & Student Ambassadors

In Fall 2019, we worked with long-time partner L.L.Bean to combine and evolve two proven strategic experiential programs to reach the Gen Z target audience: the Mobile Selling Tour and Student Ambassadors (SAs for short).

*Mobile Selling photos courtesy of L.L.Bean, Ambassador photos courtesy of various SAs

Bringing retail to the consumer

The Mobile Selling tour aimed to drive sales and brand awareness while garnering measurable reach to the college market. The tour leveraged a custom-built mobile selling trailer, traveling POS system, and L.L.Bean’s now famous Boot Mobile to bring a pop-up retail environment to college campuses in target markets.

The power of student influence

The Student Ambassador program has been proven over several semesters to drive significant brand awareness, bring-in new loyal customers in the target market, and create beautifully branded content that is often used in L.L.Bean’s own social media channels. The SA program this year was intentionally designed to work in tandem with the Mobile Selling Tour to create buzz and anticipation ahead of the tour’s arrival on campus.

NMG recruited, hired, trained, and managed students who showed their ability to live the L.L.Bean brand and had significant social followings at their universities. Over the 10-week period, students met a series of requirements, from posting on social media to hosting tabling events to visiting clubs to distributing coupons and collateral, all with the goals to build brand awareness with the college audience, build anticipation for the arrival of the pop-up retail shop, and drive sales.

Award-Winning Results

While both programs have brought significant value to L.L.Bean and exceeded original goals each time they’ve been executed in the past, weaving these two programs together allowed us to amplify the results and execute more successful event days on the Mobile Selling Tour.

Through 72 unique selling days, the program ended with $1MM in product sales and sold over 15,000 unique products, with sales exceeding L.L.Bean’s goals by more than 20%. On the SA side, students created more than 500 pieces of branded content, garnered 443,000 social media impressions, and 37,000 on-campus event impressions.

unique products sold
mobile selling social media impressions
social media impressions by SAs