Mark Marovich

Campus Causes Manager

Forbes has described tech professionals with a liberal arts background as “social alchemists who can connect with customers — and make progress seem pleasant.” This sums up Mark. With a scholastic background and love of history, Mark was set to join the teaching ranks when, while teaching and living in Japan, he was offered the position to run eCommerce for a small retail chain in the early web days. Nearly 20 years later, he still wonders what it’d be like to have summers off.

Prior to joining Newbridge, Mark was the Director of Partnership Development for FlipGive and a principal in their development of “give-marketing,” a platform and marketing program connecting brands to their target audiences through grassroots fundraising. Before entering the cause & commerce space, he ran eCommerce and digital marketing for retail and brands in the action sports and outdoor space, merging work with play. As an avid outdoor enthusiast and lifestyle sport participant, Mark is a passionate advocate of environmental and social responsibility. Using his passion, connections and background, Mark seeks to help bring awareness to the unsung heroes on the ground doing the hard work through digital media channels and platforms that leverage existing consumer behavior that gives back.

As the Campus Causes Manager, Newbridge’s fundraising arm for collegians, Mark is leading efforts to help campus groups raise more money by through the unique and powerful platform which marries the best of online shopping with crowdsourced fundraising. Speaking with hundreds of campus leaders throughout the country, Mark continues to be amazed at their passion, intelligence and drive to help others. In order to not lose his cred, Mark wishes you not to tell these students that he wrote his undergrad thesis on a Brother word processor and his master thesis on a computer with a dial-up modem.

Mark trivia: “Although you might think otherwise by the looks of my jumper and handles, no, I’m not related to Pistol Pete Maravich.”