Bridging the Gap to Your Target Audience via Student Ambassador Programs

Who better to connect your brand to college students than college students themselves? Passionate student leaders can raise awareness of your brand’s products or services to their expansive networks across campus. And when it comes to reaching these impressive students and implementing robust and effective student ambassador programs, you’ve come to the right place.

The depth of strategic integration we have with our clients is what truly sets us apart. By staying in close communication with our clients and their student ambassadors, we seamlessly weave the same themes from their other marketing channels directly into the fabric of our student ambassador programs.


Student Ambassador Programs for L.L.Bean


Choosing the Right Ambassadors

Investing in these ambassadors is a big deal and not to be taken lightly as they are the key ingredient to program success. In the recruitment phase, our priority is to ensure that the ambassadors we hire are 100% brand fans so they can speak authentically to their peers. We glean insights into their personalities and the activities they enjoy from a thorough interview process and social media profile review. Leadership roles and student group involvement, relevant majors and outgoing personalities are the underpinnings of strong student ambassadors.

Our student ambassador programs empower students to promote within their circles through online and in-person activities. We rely on students to develop authentic content, but also support by producing relevant creative which they can push out across their channels. This multi-pronged approach keeps ambassadors engaged and involved throughout their campuses, while we gain key learnings for your brand through product feedback and marketing content.


Student Ambassador Programs for Razor


Continuing the Relationship

Cultivating strong relationships with the ambassadors leads to brand loyalty and provides your brand the opportunity for future involvement – from valuable brand activities including product testing and feedback to retail insights, competitive analysis, brainstorming and more. Our team will be there every step of the way to develop a relevant and innovative marketing plan to make an impact on campus. See below to view some of our recent student ambassador programs or click here to view more of our work.


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