The Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing gives brands access to targeted audiences through a voice they trust. Influencers offer an authentic approach to reaching your ideal customer by creating content with your brand through demos, reviews, creative interactions or even sharing photos of your product.  With three different types of social media influencers (micro, macro and mega) that offer different audience reach and engagement, brands can meet their digital marketing goals much much effectively than by running traditional media ads through social channels.


Influencer Marketing with the Gonzalez Twins


Influencer Marketing with Newbridge Marketing Group

Our team of specialists create a unique influencer campaign to best represent your brand. We analyze your brand’s audience, determine the type of campaign, present influencers that match the brand’s identity, provide posts for your approval and then carry out the campaign while collecting data to share progress. We take time to research the highest quality influencers with an authentic audience and reach and be most inclined to adopt your brand and become a customer of your marketed product.

Our Approach to Influencer Marketing

We utilize a five-step process for our influencer campaigns to reach and exceed digital marketing goals for our clients: research, recruit, create, contract and execute.

Research: We identify the influencers with the best audience size and demographic, match to your brand image, relevant experience, and network on all channels that fit

Recruit: We gain commitment from the particular influencers to participate in your brand’s social media campaign

Create: Once we identify the best influencers, we create influencer profiles and campaign plans and concepts that we feel will drive success per your goals

Contract: A formal, written agreement with process and budget is sent to the influencers to finalize price, campaign intentions and expectations

Execute: We implement the official influencer campaign while tracking progress and results through analytics and metrics

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