About Campus Conenct

We live in an increasingly programmatic world with advertising set to consume half of display and video ad budgets by 2019. Here at Newbridge Marketing Group, we heeded the methodical call. In our experience servicing both the buying and selling communities as well as listening to their unique needs, we have created a two-fold solution for both our publisher partners and advertisers through Campus Connect.

The Benefits of Campus Connect for Publishers

We are proud to provide our publisher partners access to a leading programmatic ad platform with access to over 70 DSPs and 120k brands. Through an XT3 contextualizer, we can increase the value of your ad space to bidders by determining the context and sentiment of your page and delivering targeted, relevant ads. We offer tag-based integration through which we leverage pieces of code that you can implement directly into your page via your ad server to deliver display and video ads from our robust lineup of demand partners.

For Advertisers Utilizing Campus Connect

By offering premium ad inventory on targeted and highly reputable digital properties, our advertisers are able to quickly and effectively set new buys, or even packages of inventory, live on top tier websites and on specific segmented verticals with dedicated college audiences. We realize that dealing in a business of relationships aligns with one-to-one management and optimizations. Our goal is to provide our buyers peace of mind that they will be directed to a publisher partner that has a vested and equal stake in ensuring the inventory available will meet and exceed the end goal of the advertiser.


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