Campus Bookstore Network

Our campus bookstore network is a sure-fire way to connect with students at defining moments of their collegiate experience. Access to more than 1,200 official campus bookstores comes by way of our trusted on-campus partner Follett and other independent campus bookstores across the country, allowing us to engage with college students during peak seasons of freshmen orientation, back-to-school rush, midterms and finals, pre-holiday, spring break and graduation.

With an audience of more than 6.1 million enrolled students and a database of 1.6 million registered student emails, we provide mass scale and efficiency for student offer awareness and distribution. And with scalable digital reach during summer and important back-to-school purchasing months, you can be confident in the return you’ll see on your investment.

Our Offerings

Our campus bookstore marketing options are completely customizable, with the ability to segment to the schools or DMAs of your choice. Need to sample product or collateral? Do so with hand-to-hand distribution at registers and inside web order boxes or via in-store tabling and pop-up events. Want to drive brand awareness and sales of your products? Leverage high-impact in-store signage or national dedicated email campaigns to do the job. Our precise targeting also offers the ability for sampling or offer distribution to connect with with incoming freshmen classes and soon-to-be graduates before they head out into the work force. And let’s not forget sweepstakes sponsorships as a fun way to connect with college students in the digital space to drive lead generation for remarketing and to stir up excitement and brand loyalty.

A Proven Track Record

Brands like Apple, West Elm, Verizon and more have trusted us for years to be the liaison between their products and services and the college market. Over the course of our nine year (and counting) partnership with Apple, we deliver dedicated email campaigns for back-to-school that result in measurable impressions and sales. Collateral distribution of exclusive student offers for West Elm during back-to-school and graduation time frames pique students interest as they decorate their dorms or head on to their first apartments after college.  And Verizon leverages in-store tabling space and collateral distribution to promote fast, reliable internet and phone service. Whatever your brand’s needs, we’ll work hand-in-hand to ensure we help you reach your goal. Check out our work or contact us to get started.


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