Campus Collaborative

Campus Collaborative is our overarching network of campus bookstores, campus fitness centers, our new college fundraising platform, Campus Causes and more which allows us to connect your brand directly to the college market at the right place and right time. Interested in learning more about Campus Collaborative? Click here.

Campus Bookstore Network

Marketing platform reaching 7 million students via 1,200 official campus bookstores

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Campus Fitness Center Network

Network of more than 350 campus fitness centers targeting active college students via events, sampling and advertising

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Campus Connect

Programmatic ad network reaching college students through our platform partners

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Campus Causes

Fundraising platform allowing college students to shop-to-raise for their groups, teams, clubs and causes with more than 500 brands online

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Influencer Network

Influencer marketing offers an authentic approach to reaching your target audience as influencers share personal experiences with your product or service with his or her following on social media. We work directly with influencers to develop campaigns that best represent your brand using a five-step process to deliver measurable results: research, recruit, contract, create and execute.

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Vehicle Leasing

Lease a food truck or EXT Trailer from Newbridge with custom fabrication to promote your brand and sample your product


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