Ruthie Schmidt

Social Media Marketing Manager

Ruthie began her relationship with Newbridge as a student ambassador, and in her final semester at Hamilton College she joined the Newbridge team part-time as a Social Media Marketing Manager. After graduation, Ruthie will head from the East Coast to the West Coast to join the team full-time as a Marketing Manager. At Hamilton, Ruthie is a Psychology major and Anthropology minor, disciplines that combine her love for stories, data, and most importantly…people! Ruthie is excited to channel her knowledge of these fields, enthusiasm, and creativity into Marketing.

In her free time, Ruthie enjoys hiking and walking (but never running!) playing trivia with her friends (especially Jeopardy style), baking whatever she feels like (though it’s usually banana bread), and being active on her Instagram lifestyle blog.

Ruthie Trivia: “As a child I grew out of a nut allergy because of a sheer, determined love for Honey Nut Cheerios…I like to believe I channel that energy, drive, and positivity in the work that I do now as an adult!”