The Goal

With the most branches in the U.S., Wells Fargo is the biggest bank in the country — but that’s no reason to stop trying to reach new customers. So Wells Fargo set out with a goal to increase awareness of its students checking and savings offers at colleges with branches within close proximity to the campus or that have ATMs on campus. Students would receive a $50-$100 qualifying offer at their campus bookstores to drive them to a Wells Fargo branch to open their own account.

How We Did It

We provided a strategic platform to communicate Wells Fargo’s student checking offer on campus during the book buy-back time period during the 2015 Fall semester and in the first weeks of the following 2016 Winter-Spring semester. We then secured approval at more than 80 campuses for Wells Fargo staff to engage students in high-traffic areas at campus bookstores. We supported our efforts with digital media that included direct emails, banner ads and social media, plus collateral distribution and informational in-store signage. 

The Results

For this program, we created more than 240 event days, providing the opportunity for Wells Fargo financial advisors to discuss student checking and credit management while distributing premiums, collecting contact information, and confirming follow-up appointments at Wells Fargo branches. Over the course of the campaign, we distributed 275,000 buckslip coupons through online orders and register transactions at more than 80 campus bookstores in Wells Fargo’s target markets. The number of accounts opened is confidential to Wells Fargo.