The Goal

Urban Outfitters was looking to engage college consumers with a fresh set of artwork to promote new fashion trends and to drive sales at Urban Outfitters stores and on its website. Urban Outfitters is known for being eclectic and fashion forward, so we distributed a unique piece of branded content paired with a 10% back-to-school discount to increase purchase intent.

How We Did It

Meet the Urban Outfitters Poster Book. It’s an Urban Outfitters Look Book featuring the season’s upcoming trends. We implemented peer-to-peer brand ambassador distribution of the poster books in college towns and campuses across the country. We trained 110 dedicated Urban Outfitters brand ambassadors and developed extensive target location lists combining brand ambassador knowledge and market research to determine the optimal times and locations, both on and off campus, to engage with potential college consumers. In addition, we leveraged the Newbridge LIVE! fraternity and sorority database for each market to give brand ambassadors efficient access to thousands of high-value consumers for the brand.

The Results

Over the course of 292 event days, we distributed 700,000 Urban Outfitters Poster Books with our 110 brand ambassadors. Coupon conversions significantly exceeded client goals for the program.