Tommy Danger


Tommy’s first marketing experience consisted of four days and a 38 hours round trip drive. He saw his buddy was doing some events across the country and wanted to get out and explore more so he picked up an Army event at a NHRA race down in Baytown, TX which seemed a little crazy as he was still living in Northern Indiana. Tommy drove down there to work the four day event and then was instantly hooked. He met so many cool people and had a blast while he was working and making good money.

He continued to do this as he traveled across the country for six years. He liked the freedom of working whenever he wanted so he stayed away from Tour Manager positions so he could truly explore. Tommy would work on the weekends and play during the week visiting National Parks, baseball fields, aquariums, and museums across the country. He would save up money and then head over to different countries to expand his knowledge and love for our world. This eventually led to meeting some of his best friends and adventure buddies.

He now lives in Alaska with his wife and is able to work with one of his best friends as he staffs events across the country. Since he personally was a Brand Ambassador he knows what to look for in staffing as well as planning events. It truly changed his life and allowed him to be the best version of himself.

Tommy trivia: “I’ve thrown out first pitches for the Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays.”