So You Want to be a Brand Ambassador?

 Brand ambassadors leading Contiki's experiential marketing tour across college campuses

You’re walking through a crowded festival with hundreds of tent setups when a smiling face strikes up a conversation. This person asks you, “Have you ever tried ‘product xyz’?” You’re automatically handed a free sample. Then, after a quick conversation and a few laughs, you’re on your way.

You’ve just encountered a brand ambassador. That interaction was catered to you in an effort to create a positive experience that you’ll remember when you come across that product or service down the road. Brand ambassadors do not have the pressure of direct sales, but rather the goal of an indirect sale through an authentic experience.

With a seemingly countless number of companies who want new business, brands have to come up with innovative ways to stand apart. Instead of spending marketing dollars on something like a television commercial with which you can’t directly interact, a company might use brand ambassadors to guide consumers through a direct interaction with their brand. Swag, fun photos, and samples are just some of the tools to complement that memorable experience. Later, those experiences influence consumers as they stroll down the aisles picking and choosing which products to take home.

So what does it take to be a brand ambassador? We’ve got you covered.

Be Outgoing
A smile on your face and willingness to talk to anyone will get you very far in the brand ambassador world. Being outgoing is a MUST! You will get rejected a hundred times a day, but you have to be like one of those waving inflatable tube men — the wind might push you down with rejection, but you’ll bounce right back up with a smile on your face, ready to talk to the next person.

Arm Yourself with a Good Attitude
There will be days when you are tired — days when it seems like everyone else in the world is in a bad mood. But while representing a brand, you must always have a good attitude. Whether it’s one hundred degrees outside or bitter cold, whomever you meet should see you enjoying your job and notice that you’re happy to be there.

Be Flexible
And no, we’re not saying that you should be able to touch your toes. We’re saying that you should be agile. Roll with the punches and take everything in stride because as a brand ambassador, you never know what challenges might come your way. Perhaps it starts to rain and you have to do some heavy lifting to relocate the event site. Or maybe you have to learn new technology to run a photo booth. No matter what obstacles you might face, the overarching theme is always the same: inform consumers about the brand in a positive way. Be flexible and up for the challenge.

Always Assume There’s Traffic
Has your dad ever told you that early is on time and on time is late? Mine has. Being able to manage your time is HUGE as a brand ambassador. Events often take place at crowded festivals, fairs, and campuses where traffic is bad and parking is slim. You must make sure you don’t arrive at the parking lot when you should be at the event site. Always assume there is traffic so it doesn’t take you by surprise when there actually is. Punctuality is key and being on time will help you stand out as a reliable and responsible brand ambassador.

Think Fast
You’ll wear many hats as a brand ambassador — or more appropriately, many branded t-shirts. One weekend you might be representing a frozen food, the next it might be a clothing brand. Training time can vary from as much as one week to as little as on hour before the event. Our advice? Become a sponge. Absorb all that you can and prepare your key talking points for consumer conversations.

Think You Have What it Takes?
Newbridge Marketing Group’s clients are industry leaders, and you, the brand ambassador, are entrusted to be the face of the brand. The responsibility is not to be taken lightly, but it is a fun a fast-paced job. If you think you’re well-suited to be a brand ambassador, then start applying. You must be a self-starter and motivated to seek out agencies. Newbridge Marketing Group executes hundreds of events each year and you could be a part of them! Apply to be a brand ambassador here. 

natalee_bylinephotoNatalee Mayo has been a traveling experiential Tour Manager for seven years.
When not working, she pretends that she is in the circus by taking aerial silks classes at studios around the country.
She is passionate about meeting new people and exploring new places. Follow her @NataleeMayo.

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