Marketing To Millennials

Today’s youth may spend all their time on social media, but that doesn’t mean Facebook and Twitter ads guarantee sales. Marketers struggle to attract millennial shoppers, but a partnership between Newbridge Marketing Group, Red Bull, and Urban Outfitters may hold the key to bringing in new customers.


Trust Troubles

As one of the most important consumer groups in the country, millennials continue to confound marketers. No matter how much money companies pour into online advertising and content marketing, young consumers are largely unaffected. This leads many marketers to doubt the effectiveness of traditional online campaigns.

The failure to entice millennials is largely a matter of trust. Despite how well-written or enticing an ad might be, most youth put more faith in their friends’ recommendations than in corporate content. Thus it is not enough for companies to have a presence on Facebook and Twitter. To truly take advantage of social media, they must be able to convince rank-and-file users to promote their wares.

A Savvy Strategy

To get around these troubles and bring in more millennial customers, Newbridge Marketing Group partnered with Red Bull and Urban Outfitters to enhance customers’ shopping experiences, increase brand awareness, and drive more sales. 81 Urban Outfitter stores throughout the United States hosted late night shopping events, where Red Bull gave away free samples of its new sugar-free drink. Marketed with the slogan “Shopping Takes A Lot Out of You. Here’s Something to Put It Back In,” this campaign had three objectives:

  • Expose millennials to Red Bull’s sugar-free drink
  • Get large numbers of millennials into Urban Outfitters late at night, and give them the energy to shop and buy more the whole time
  • Encourage millennials to share their experiences on social media

In addition to offering full cans of the sugar-free drink, Red Bull provided other company apparel to increase interest. The firm advertised their campaign over major social media outlets, reaching a significant amount of followers on Twitter alone.

Encouraging Evidence

The campaign’s results were promising. They included:

  • Giving out 81,000 cans of sugar-free Red Bull and other accessories
  • Exposing tens of thousands of shoppers to both brands in a positive and unobtrusive manner
  • Getting 600 shoppers to tweet about their experiences

The tweets are particularly important from a marketing standpoint, as they help to resolve trust issues and encourage more millennials to buy from both brands. Without any direct encouragement, visitors tweeted messages like “Urban Outfitters is giving each customer a Red Bull in their shopping bag. Perfect,” which represented positive publicity for both companies. Because they were posted by rank-and-file Twitter users, those users’ friends are more likely to trust them. This type of interactive and engaging campaign creates a rapport between the brand and its target audience that is sure to last.

About Newbridge Marketing Group

Newbridge Marketing Group launched in 2004 with a mission: connect brands directly to the millennial generation, with an emphasis on delivering the coveted college market. Over the next decade, Newbridge launched its Sports + Entertainment division, empowering brands to enhance a vast range of fan and participant experiences, and introduced its full-service experiential marketing division, Newbridge LIVE!. In 2015, Newbridge LIVE! was named to Event Marketer magazine’s “It List” of Top 100 Event Agencies.

For more information about Newbridge Marketing Group, call Peter Kullman at (704) 992 – 8011, visit, or follow @newbridgemg.

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