The Goal

L.L.Bean is known for its integrity and unwavering stewardship to the great outdoors. Our continuing partnership with this iconic brand is in place to increase its popularity among Millennial consumers, drive sales with new customers, enhance the success of L.L.Bean store grand openings and boost conversions in-store.

How We Did It

We designed and activated three marketing tours over the course of 2013 and 2014 with L.L.Bean, and we are running two additional 2015 tours.

The L.L.Bean Wintervention Tour targets Millennials through base camps that offer games, new product showcasing and try-ons, social media photo activation, coupon distribution and sweepstakes.

The Campus Consciousness Tour, powered by our partner REVERB, is tied directly to campus environmental and outdoor organizations — a natural fit for L.L.Bean. The tour includes environmentally sustainable concerts to cap off every evening.

The L.L.Bean Summer Tour is in place to drive sales on L.L.Bean’s summer products, increase awareness of L.L.Bean as a summer brand (not only a fall/winter brand), and to reach a different demographic than in past marketing campaigns.

Off the road, we activate grand openings for L.L.Bean, some of which have included the brand’s debuts in The Mall of America, Burlington, and Denver, to attract target consumers to the stores and immerse them deeply in the brand when on-site. At the grand openings, we leverage experiential marketing to attract new customer bases and optimize sales potential.

The Results

For each activation, we significantly exceed sales and KPI results. As a result, we are in our third year of partnering with L.L.Bean and look forward to maximizing the brand’s reach through placement at festivals, concerts and more.