The Goal

In 2016, L.L.Bean partnered with Newbridge Marketing Group to reinvent a critical Q4 retail marketing initiative known throughout New England as the L.L.Bean Northern Lights Celebration. The challenge: take a program that had been historically effective, but grown stagnant, and re-energize it with big thinking and creative design.

How We Did It

A mix of authentic and magical holiday experiences were concepted by Newbridge LIVE! and designed to move consumers through this expansive retail campus. When combined, the result was elegant and emotionally impactful driving authentic word of mouth and social buzz.  Elements included:   

Discovery Forest | We built a natural looking forest in the middle of L.L.Bean’s retail campus with 680 Maine-grown Spruce trees ranging in height from 4’ – 16’.

Night Sky Dome | Nestled within Discovery Forest, a one-of-a-kind Northern Lights display was simulated on the ceiling of a geodesic dome.  This planetarium style experience was made complete with a dynamic L.L.Bean winter camping product diorama and the sights sounds of a New England mountain setting.

Santa’s Workshop & Reindeer Barn | An authentic Maine post and beam barn was constructed onsite and served as the backdrop for Santa’s workshop and reindeer barn – complete with reindeer and all sorts of L.L.Bean holiday gift ideas.

Light Display | An intricate and massive lighting display (175,000 warm white LED lights, to be exact) was installed throughout the retail campus, including elevated overhead lighting, ground lighting and the trimming of 680 trees.

Model Train Display | A robust and detailed model train display was set up in the children’s section of the flagship store, complete with L.L.Bean model buildings.

Local Partnerships | This locally-minded event leveraged Maine-based partnerships, craftsmen and vendors to support the production. The installation was completely offset from an environmental standpoint.

The Results

521,390 = Total installation foot traffic over six weeks. This is a new foot traffic record for the L.L.Bean Freeport retail campus for the final 6 weeks of a calendar year. 2016 foot traffic was 18.3% higher YOY and 2.5% higher than the previous record.