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3 Tips to Help You Develop and Maintain Your Brand’s “Cool Factor”

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As an experiential marketing agency, we constantly strive to enhance our brand partners’ presence and relevance among their target markets. Delivering their messages and staying true to each of their brand identities is what we love to do. However, there comes a point in an established (12 or so year-old) marketing group’s life when it’s time to take a look at who it is as a brand. So we asked ourselves just that: How do we tell our story? What, in fact, is our brand?

And off we were on a road to self-improvement. We know the millennial market inside and out. We also know that times are inevitably and constantly changing. So, we decided it was time to revamp – give ourselves a little facelift, if you will, on our website and social media platforms.

As we went through the process of honing in on our new look and feel, the endless possibilities and potential got us really fired up. We pulled some long hours the week of our site launch – perfecting our writing, design, and strategy. And as we got further into the process, we experienced pure excitement in getting to present our new “face” to the world, and we learned some nifty lessons along the way.

Here are a few tips to help you develop and maintain your brand’s “cool” factor.

Look up to your role models.

As Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of the 20th century, once put it, “One of the best things you can do in life is to surround yourself with people who are better than you are.” Just as we all know those people who we suspect “woke up like that,” there are also brands that simply look good. Do your research. Develop a list of brands in your space and scope them out. Make a pros and cons list of their digital platforms, and be sure to keep each one’s strengths top of mind as you develop and maintain your brand’s online presence and digital functionalities. Watch what your favorite brands are doing and keep up with the trends.

Find your [conversational] voice. 

You’re an expert in your space – and that’s great. But don’t let your fancy and unfamiliar industry jargon creep into your writing. There’s a fine line between sounding like an expert (*applause*) and a show-off (psst…that’s not a good look). Write like you’re having a conversation and explain your services as though you’re having a friendly chat with your BFF. Your readers will enjoy getting to know your brand when your content is easy to digest. There’s beauty in simplicity, so embrace the challenge of writing clearly and concisely.

Be consistent.

 You and I are busy. I totally get it. However, we can’t let that distract us from our end goal of getting messages out in an on-brand and aesthetically pleasing fashion. So do yourself a favor and define your assets – this font will always be used here, that logo will always be used there, oh, and let’s not forget to keep your color palettes handy! Keep all of these core elements in a special and accessible place to save yourself time and energy. When applicable, it may also be important to think not only about your brand’s look, but also its sound. Creating a new sizzle reel for your company? Take time to consider what music you want to associate with your brand – the genre, the tempo, the feel. Appeal to all senses. Having clearly defined assets will help you maintain a well-put-together look across all platforms. Inconsistency comes off as disorganized and haphazard. Consistency reinforces your brand’s identity and contributes to making it easily recognizable.

Your brand’s identity is a work of art that requires constant effort and thoughtfulness. First impressions are everything, so make sure your brand is always looking its best from every angle.

Abigail is Newbridge Marketing Group’s Creative + Social Media Manager. 
Follow her on Twitter @abigail__price.

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