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MTJMe TV hopes to inspire Millennials to change the world – one person at a time


Back in September, we introduced you to two of the more extraordinary members of the Newbridge LIVE! family – Mark Nolan and Tommy Danger. You may recall their story . . . they are four peaks into their pursuit of the Seven Summits, and are climbing to the tops of all seven continents to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis and other causes supported by the More Than Just Me Foundation.  Lofty goals, indeed.

We promised you in that initial blog entry that we’d be keeping you updated on their ongoing quest. This week is a perfect time to check in with our cadre of climbers, our experts of expedition, our ambassadors of adventure.

After all, this week featured perhaps the most important day of the extended Thanksgiving weekend: #GivingTuesday. Surely, you’ve heard of it; 1.3 million social media mentions and 114 billion Twitter impressions made it difficult to miss. You probably even participated; this fourth-annual Giving Tuesday saw 698,961 in 71 countries raise $116.7 million for charity (of course, that doesn’t count the $217 million the Red Sox pledged to David Price).

Clearly, the world was in a giving mood this week. But that’s not the only reason we’re reconnecting with our envoys of vertical exploits, our main men of mountaineering.

This week marked the debut of MTJMe TV, a series that will document the many mountains these guys are attempting to climb, as well as those they’re endeavoring to move. And if the opening images of Season One, Episode One are any indication, this is going to be breathtaking to watch.

The first thing you’ll see is a young boy, suffering in the clutches of CF, attached to an apparatus designed to help him breathe. The very next image is a shot taken somewhere at or near the top of the world, at an altitude where breathing becomes a life or death challenge.

The juxtaposition of the two images is striking: a boy fighting for every breath, followed by two men fighting for the boy. You’re barely 12 seconds into the pilot episode, and you already know these guys are going to take you places and teach you things that have life-changing implications.

That’s precisely what they’re after. These guys want to do nothing less than change the world. “We want to make the world a better place,” says Tommy early on in the documentary. “And we believe we can do that, one person at a time.”

Mark and Tommy want their message to reach everyone. But they know that video distributed through social media platforms are most likely to connect with Millennials, which makes sense. No generation has shown a greater inclination toward the greater good than Millennials.

A study reported in Tuesday’s Kansas City Star found that 38% of Millennials were planning to participate in Giving Tuesday – four times the amount who participated in 2014. Not all would give money; not all have money to give. Instead, they would give food or clothing. Or time.

The Millennial Impact Project reported recently that in 2014, “70% of Millennial employees spent at least an hour volunteering.” More than 50% volunteered for five hours or more; nearly one in three volunteered more than 10 hours.

Every little bit helps, which is the mantra of MTJMe TV.

“We want to show the world who watches what so many families have to do in order to live their lives to the fullest,” Tommy told me in an email this week. “If we can motivate one person with the content, then we are doing our job, and it’s worth every minute and every penny.’’

What I find most heartening is that these guys are not alone on this mission. Oh, they’re on their own when they’re climbing, say, Mt. Kilimanjaro (footage of which will dominate Episode 2). They are actively trying to raise funds to support their attempt on Carstenz Pyramid, a finish line 16,024 feet above sea level on the Indonesian island of New Guinea. But this movement is bigger than their quest.

It’s more than More Than Just Me. It has to be.

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