The Goal

There’s a big world out there and Contiki’s mission is to inspire young adults see it for themselves. To promote travel intent and increase valuable leads among college students, we created an experience that would encourage them to consider the value, excitement and authenticity of traveling with Contiki.

How We Did It

The Contiki “One Great Adventure” campus mobile tour stopped at UCF, FSU, Texas A&M, ASU, and Cal Davis. As students enjoyed a ride on one of our Contiki-branded rickshaws across campus, they listened to the soaring notes of Italian opera singers, experienced Japanese taiko drummers and calligraphers, took in the sounds of Aussie digeridoo players and marveled at the grace and beauty of the Spanish flamenco and Brazilian Carnival dancers. At each event, one lucky student won a Contiki trip to any destination in the world. Our targeted email campaigns to current students drove attendance on each campus and encouraged sign-ups for Contiki’s national contest.

The Results

Over the course of the five events, we garnered more than 81,000 student impressions and had more than 7,300 event engagements. Targeted email open rates were high, and more than 59,000 were opened. To go hand-in-hand with the interactive activations on campus, we distributed more than 5,200 premiums and pieces of collateral. The bonus: Contiki integrated the video we captured into their new advertising copy with additional features on their homepage that highlighted our tour.