College Marketing

At Newbridge Campus, our roots are firmly planted in the college space and they have been since 2005.  We have partnered with proven college platforms and directly with university groups to create unique partnership opportunities that give brands access to more than 15 million students on over 2,200 campuses through our Campus Collaborative

Our campus bookstore network reaches more than 2,000 universities nationwide.  For today’s college student, the bookstore extends well beyond textbooks to a central hub of daily student activity.  Centrally located and highly trafficked, these campus bookstores come to life with strategic brand activations including custom sweepstakes, product sampling, in-store events, targeted digital and in-store signage.

Universities nationwide have expanded their recreation centers to not only offer students a gym, but provide them with a facility for personalized fitness classes, athletic training, swimming and even meditation.  Our relationships with over 350 campus fitness centers and the largest digital platform for intramural sports allow us to create programming specifically targeted to reach today’s active students via sampling, digital and custom experiential.

Campus ambassador programs require hard work, strategic planning, real-time adjusting and consistent communication.  We’ve worked closely with our expanding network of over 4,000 ambassadors to create programs that are successful, powered by reliable student leaders.  

With additional reach to over 11 million students and their parents digitally, including a growing database of incoming students shopping for their dorms as they enter their freshmen yearalong with a recently launched fundraising platform, Campus Causes, NMG Campus prides ourselves in creating ROI-driven marketing solutions that strategically connect students and brands.