The Goal

Apple is known for its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interfaces. Because of that, the brand is ideal for Millennials and college-aged consumers that require the most up-to-date devices for their education needs. We partnered with Apple to raise awareness of its student discount programs, to build product equity with the college demographic, and to drive sales of Apple products at the Apple Education Store, pre-paid iTunes cards, and Apple accessories in the campus bookstores.

How We Did It

For the past eight years, we’ve partnered with Apple to connect with students. The programs vary by year, but all have taken advantage of many of our capabilities. From national dedicated emails to students and parents to social media engagement, we’ve harnessed the power of our digital network for Apple. We have also leveraged our relationships with campus bookstores to target consumers on specific occasions. Not to mention the fact that our proprietary access to colleges and universities allows us access to campus postering, in-store signage, and café marketing to promote the brand’s message throughout campuses.

The Results

Though we are not allowed to share specific results of Apple programs, we are happy to have maintained a healthy relationship with the respected brand for eight years and counting.